Disability and Stratification

My primary project within this area concerns disability, stratification, and discrimination. This collaborative project focuses on earnings and employment inequality by disability status with the goal of bringing disability into studies of stratification. In a series of papers, my long-time collaborator, David Pettinicchio, and I investigate how the creation, enforcement, and interpretation of disability anti-discrimination legislation affects economic outcomes for people with disabilities in the United States, and study how occupational segregation limits earnings for people with different types of disabilities. Our more recent papers take an intersectional approach, showing how the multiplicative effects of gender, race, education, and disability on labor market outcomes, income, and poverty create a hierarchy of disadvantage.

Most recently, we have been working on a project focused on better understanding how people with disabilities and chronic health conditions are managing under COVID-19. This project incorporates survey and interview data. We have several papers in different publication stages. For more details on the study, you can also take a look at the methodological appendix.

Journal Publications

Pettinicchio, David, Michelle Maroto, and Martin Lukk*. Forthcoming. Perceptions of Canadian Federal Policy Responses to COVID-19 among People with Disabilities and Chronic Health Conditions.” Canadian Public Policy *Preprint*

Pettinicchio, David, Michelle Maroto, Lei Chai*, and Martin Lukk*. Forthcoming. “The Effects of COVID- 19 on the Mental Health of Canadians with Disabilities and Chronic Health Conditions.” Disability and Health Journal

Pettinicchio, David and Michelle Maroto. 2021. “Who Counts? Measuring Disability Cross-Nationally in Census Data .” Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, Online First. *Preprint*

Pettinicchio, David and Michelle Maroto. 2020. “Combating Inequality: The Between- and Within- Group Effects of Unionization on Earnings for People with Different Disabilities.” The Sociological Quarterly. Online First. *Preprint*

Maroto, Michelle Lee and David Pettinicchio. 2020. “Barriers to Economic Security: Disability, Employment, and Asset Disparities in Canada.” Canadian Review of Sociology 57(1):53-79.

Maroto, Michelle Lee, David Pettinicchio, and Andrew Patterson. 2019. “Hierarchies of Categorical Disadvantage: Incorporating Disability into Intersectional Analyses of Economic Insecurity.Gender & Society 33(1): 64-93. *Preprint*

**Recipient of the 2019 ASA Sociology of Disability Outstanding Publication Award.

Pettinicchio, David and Michelle Lee Maroto. 2017. “How Gender and Disability Status Intersect to Shape Labor Market Outcomes.” Research in Social Science and Disability 10: 3-33.

Maroto, Michelle Lee, and David Pettinicchio. 2015. “Twenty-five Years After the ADA: Situating Disability in America’s System of Stratification.Disability Studies Quarterly 35(3).

Maroto, Michelle, and David Pettinicchio. 2014. “Disability, Structural Inequality, and Work: The Influence of Occupational Segregation on Earnings for People with Different Disabilities.Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 38: 76-92.

Maroto, Michelle, and David Pettinicchio. 2014. “The Limitations of Disability Antidiscrimination Legislation: Policymaking and the Economic Wellbeing of People with Disabilities.Law & Policy 36(4): 370-407.

Major Grants

SSHRC Insight Grant with David Pettinicchio (2015-2022), “Employment Discrimination in Hiring People with Disabilities: An Audit Study” (#435-2015-0382, $177,253)

Working Papers and Projects

Brown, Robyn, Michelle Maroto, and David Pettinicchio, eds. Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Disability. Under contract with Oxford University Press. Expected publication date, Summer 2021.

Pettinicchio, David and Michelle Maroto. “Working in the Shadows of Society: Disability Subminimum Wages and the Reproduction of Inequality.” Manuscript Under Review