My general research interests include social stratification and policy; race, class, and gender inequality; credit and labor markets; economic sociology; organizations; and quantitative and qualitative methods. If you were to ask me about my area, I’d likely tell you that I study social stratification and policy with several research projects that fall under this broad area.

By studying wealth inequality, household structures, and disability discrimination, especially as shaped by race, gender, family, and disability, I aim to push stratification research to incorporate novel areas, new resources, and different groups.

Within these areas, I divide my on-going research into projects focused on wealth inequality, credit markets, and economic insecurity and projects that address labor market inequality and discrimination. The former includes research on the causes and consequences of bankruptcy, wealth disparities across groups in the United States and Canada, the growing importance of family support for debt management, and credit market outcomes for formerly incarcerated persons. The latter investigates labor market inequality with a focus on people with disabilities and the effects of parenthood on earnings for baby boomer and millennial women in the United States.

I highlight some of my research in the areas of Wealth Inequality and Economic Insecurity and Disability and Stratification and discuss new research with the Great Canadian Class Study.

Please see my CV for a full list of publications, presentations, and grants.

Also, I am working on uploading preprints of my publications to SocArXiv but am a bit behind. If there is a paper or publication that you want to read but can’t access, please send me an email and I will happily share it with you.